French Appendices

Translator Handouts

Use these files to give to the oral-only translators. They might help them remember the steps.

Icons on the Target Language Checking Screen Coming Soon

Procédure d’Enregistrement dans translation Recorder- Projet Manager ( [tR Recording Process from the Project Manager]

Procédure d’enregistrement dans Translation Recorder- Ecran d’Enregistrement ( [tR Recording from Source Audio]

Editer les Enregistrements d’Audio – Ecran d’Enregistrement ( [tR Editing Audio Recordings]

Bons niveaux de la voix d’enregistrement ( [Good Recording Levels]

Annoter des versets dans des passages. ( [Verse Tagging]


Finir le Livre ( [Completing a Book]

Partager le Livre ( [Sharing the Audio Files]


We regret to say that there are no videos in French.

Power Point Presentations (with PDFs)

Installing translationRecorder 1.2.4 -
Recording from Program Manager - Oral Languages 1.2.4
Recording from Program Manager - Audio Recordings 1.2.4
Editing Oral Language Recordings 1.2.4
Editing Audio Recordings 1.2.4